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rovio software

Is there a reason why all the rovio downloads are gone?  Are there legal reasons why they were taken down? I'm not finding the post that says "gone due to crash" or "we no longer host files" anywhere. If someone has all the files and would like to send them to me I will host for a short while. I've also been seaching here and there and now have the following files:

rovio_firmware_v5.03t_build3711 (roviodirect)







Rovio Manual

and a few others. Some I have working and others seem buggy or do not run. Rovio Installer 2.3 works, WebSee (activex control) locks up Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP - going to try in Vista and 7 soon. Ordered some batteries to try replacing the existing ones. Very inxpensive. $8 for 6 Sub-C 2700mAh Nimh - could be good, could be bad - will know after they arrive. The existing battery charges to 6volts and dies about 2-3 minutes off the base. I'll post a link if they work.

Thanks in advance






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Hello Rovster,I sent you a private message.  Let me know if your received it.-Bob

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Hi there.... joining in here... I know it's summer 2017 but I JUST got a rovio that, shockingly enough, works perfectly.  I'm a software engineer and roboticist, but am also hoping to find any existing software that actually works.  Right now I set it up using an xp vm and it actually configures fine like that, andn I run it using the web ui on pc/mac or AndRovio lite on my android phone - which is must faster and better.But I heard of ways to use skype for audio, etc etc, and other apps, but can't find any links anywhere.  I am running rovio chat firmware on it right now, although both of the control methods I use cant' take advantage of the camera angle control, etc.Any how, I'd love info about any legacy software that could be found for this still please.  even firmware builds aren't available any more for some reason, although I'll probably figure out a working legacy arm cross compiler for git based fw builds eventually.Please get in touch with any info about other ways of controlling this robot - particularly to add audio support, but also any actual binary fw builds with extra features woudl of course be helpful too please.Thanks so much

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Hi Don,I just got mine out of storage and was searching to see what I might be able to do with it. I see you might know a few things about it. Just wanted to touch base. Terry 

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Great to read, Terry!  Well I bought the roviochat app for my kids' ipod touch and it works perfectly, 2 way sound and video and nice control system.  So that's cool - makes the device immediately useful.  Also I use an app on my android phone that is great too but doesn't support sound.I'm currently working on a windows control app by messing around with, and adding lots of features to, the roviowrap project that is still (for now) downloadable on the web.  Sounds like it's web host is shutting down soon though so I'm glad I got it when I did.In my version of the app I can fake video (not see actual streaming video yet as I'm just starting out with this project) by taking several pics from the cam every second and displaying them in the app.  I also made a quick/dirty virtual joystick on screen that I'm working on driving the robot around with, virtually.Of course all of that is just a less good replication of what the android app can already do, but once I've gotten the kinks ironed out, and have found out how to receive a video stream (I'm in the dark here, pardon the pun), I want to look into autonomy.I've been planning on writing a wavefront-navigation based robot that can find it's way around my house on command (like, go to living room, and it knows how to do that).  I think the rovio might be the ticket to get me there faster than the roomba and xv-11 vacuums I've played with previously because the rovio is connected... the other bots I had to try and install a raspberry pi into and then control from my own custom apps and then install sensors (or read them) using custom coding... soooooo much work and never got terribly far.  I had a roomba that woudl roam around randomly and had an ultrasonic sensor on the front so it wouldn't hit anything, but it wasn't capable of knowing where it was - so true navigation was impossible.With the rovio, it uses northstar ceiling nav, and it clearly does work for the home base.  Buying more of those transmitters for it is possible, but at $60 a pop I say no way when the bot itself was basically free to me.So I will try building some (eventually) I guess as a way to create nav points throughout my house.But for now I simply want to get the darn thing drivable through my app.  I'm getting there, as noted, after a few hours of work, but it's rather incomplete and has only that fake video feed which is very memory hogging.I'll keep you updated and might make a new topic here once I get the code into a useful state.Also I'll share the code on github once it's actually useful.I look at robots like the fancy new anki cozmo and I think, seriously, that's code.  it's all just code.  it has a camera, a single up/down arm thing, and can drive and steer and sense if it's about to fall or if it bumps or is shaken.  The camera, motion, and front facing obstacle sensor are all in the rovio.  the camera moves up and down, not fast, but it does, and even the leds could be used for simple mood communication or something like that.  And it has a mic and a speaker.  I do'nt see why we can't make our rovios into cute little autonomous friends.That is, once I can finally figure out why the roviowrap code doesn't make any sound in my rovio or pickup any sound from it.  and how to read/view streaming video from it.  And how to make more northstar location senders on the super cheap.:-)

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whoa---- the forum removed my paragraph formatting and won't let me edit.  sorry about that giant mess... I typed it much more readably than that!