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Rumble Robot Cards


Just in case anyone can help me with some old robots I'd like to give to my son for Christmas.

I got some old Rumble Robots cheap off ebay, but realised after a while that it needs the cards to operate. The cards are expensive to buy and generally hard to get hold of.


The rumble robot wiki lists loads of codes for what seems like most of the cards:

And I made a tool to convert the string of 1's and 0's into the barcode needed:

But unfortunately the barcodes it makes don't work with my robot :(


Is there anyone here who has some old robot rumble cards that would be able to do me a massive favour and try generating some barcodes for cards that you have and doing a comparison for me? I'm guessing some of my black and white stripes are either too thin, or too wide, but I don't have any real cards to compare them to.


Also, if anyone has any of the physical cards, could you measure one and let me know the dimensions? So I can print them off the same size, in case that's also causing them not to work.


I was hoping to give these to my son for Christmas as I know he'd love them! but they don't do much without the cards.




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  • Rumble Robots is a collectible card game that combines card play with battling electronic robot counterparts