Looking to Buy a Rovio

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Looking to Buy a Rovio

Hi, I am looking to buy a rovio. I do not mind if it is not working and i want to take it aprt and put a raspberry pi inside of it. I am UK baced. Let you know if you would have a rovio you do not want any more.Thanks James

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I have a working Rovio with owners manual, cd and box the battery doesn't hold a change for too long but it still works.You can find replacments online just google "Replacement 3000mAh 5LMH-43SC3000-W-T Battery".How much were you thinking of spending? Thanks,Felix

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Just want to verify if you are still looking for a Rovio?  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mechanical Engineer at PetstreetmallWe are your pet supplies expert"   

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Hi I Have Been Having Some Issues With My Rovio Where It Will Sometimes Drive Off It's Charging Station on It's Own. It Hasn't Done That Lately After I Changed Some of the Port Settings. I Would Like to Know How to Enable Access to It Over The Internet And Have Sound On It. I Would Appreciate It If Anyone Could Help.