Getting an old rovio up and running need help

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Getting an old rovio up and running need help

Hi picked up a rovio with a dead battery on ebay hoping to get him up and running.after setting him on charger for a bit with the old battery i turned it on to see what would happen. i got the blue leds lighting up for a few seconds and the red power light comes on then all lights start blinking the blue blinks and the red blinks then after  about 30 seconds everything goes dead, same thing happens with a new battery i have purchased, when i put the rovio on the charger with the power led pushed to on i get what appears to be a boot sequence of the red power led going from green to red  and the blue leds blinking for about a minute then all goes dead. so what should be my first look, i have done the following, took the base apart and cleaned the contacts, the voltage from the charger is at 8.20 vlots. and new battery. so help would be greatly appreciated.

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Same here,Looking forward to jumpstart this thing!Where can I get the install software. My Windows is 64 bit, I hear that will not work. Where can I get the install software for Mac? or 64 bit?  Thanks! 

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