Femisapien - looking for schematics or troubleshooting tips

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Femisapien - looking for schematics or troubleshooting tips

My daughter's femisapien will no longer power up.  When it's turned on, only the red wrist lights come on.  There's also a problem with one of its arms, but I'm not going to worry about that unless I can get the electronics working again.So, I'm looking for schematics, or troubleshooting tips.  I've already swapped the batteries, checked the fuses, and checked for broken wires.  Beyond that, I'd need a schematic to know what and where to probe.Any help would make me (and my daughter) very happy!Thanks in advance.

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Got the same issue with my Femisapien as above; it suddently stopped working and with brand new batteries, only the arm LEDs stay on indefinitely. Sometimes, when I do power her on, I can hear some buzzing noises in the back speaker. Opened the left leg too and sometimes the yellow capacitor does become pretty hot.Any ideas to fix it?Thanks in advance!