Please help!!! RS Media Boots halfway and RSV2 voice trailing off

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I am new to this thread and not a robotics expert, although want to become one... I own a sharper image RSV2 that has the famous bad-wiring. It is encouraging to see that people have successfully overcome this problem, bur honestly I feel a little overwhelmed.
I am try I ng to do one wire at a time, but it has become cumbersome to do... is there a wiring diagram somewhere for the rsv2 that I can use as a guide?

On a separate note, I have been offered a good deal on an RSM, but the person does not have a remote, and he is telling me that it says "Attention" during startup and then reboots back to the same message. Should I worry about this, or is that an easy fix? I think an RSM would be a great robot to have. But based on my rsv2 experience and that I have not been able to fix it, should I take a risk?

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated...


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Hi guys.First of all,sorry for my English,I'm italian.I've bought an RS media Robot 4 years ago,on ebay,and today I've used for the first time.I had a lot of problems.The robort starts and shut down suddenly.It says my "the batteries must be changed",and go on.I've tried to use the "stop" button for three second after the powering on,then I've changed the personality.After this change,everything works fine .I think it could be a software problem due to the shipping shots he had to suffer. try that.start the robot,and hold on the stop button .If the robort start,change the personality immediatly (everyone is fine but RS media).See what happen.If the robot works fine,your problem is solved.Good luck!