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i-cybie bits wanted


I obtained an old i-Cybie recently.  I'm in the UK, and looking for a walk up charger, old i-cybies, working or not, and especially i-cybie cards, looking specifically for a card with Cominst on it, to beg/borrow/steal, or someone who can put Cominst on my card (which i have yet to populate with flash chips...)...

I'm not looking to spend big money, so if you have stuff lying around you want to get rid of, PM me.  

I intend to fit the i-cybie with an MK802 as a wifi controller/new brian/camera host, to give him a bit more life.  The i-cybie dev comunity seems to have died 5 years ago; maybe we can give it a new lease of life.



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I wonder if anyone has explored the possibility of salvaging chips from old i-Cybie main boards. Beneath the main board on all i-Cybies is a daughter board containing flash chips that match the ones found on a working cartridge. In fact the daughter board is a mirror of the programmable cartridge down to the micro capacitors.
It might be possible to de-solder the chips from the daughter board and solder them to a blank cartridge with traces. From there it might be possible to reprogram them with a working downloader to function as a standard cartridge or even as a CROMINST.

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I got the chips, soldered them on, built a programmer and programmed the card with CROMINST, made him into an iCybie, soldered on the serial port, started to play.
It all went wrong on the second charge... I reduced the battery level warning point, and i have a feeling that this may have upset him a bit... he blew the right rear leg PNP tranny.... replaced it, and it blew again. Got another iCybie on the way now though, and I'll try to repair the first one; if I don't manage it then he's spares in case of gear breakage etc.. But I'm still after a walkup charger or any information on how one could be made (detail of IR codes, etc...).


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hi, i required a cybie dog,and when i opened the box the remote control was missing, i have looked all over the net and i cant find one,ilive in the uk, and iwas hopeing to get it upand running for my grandson for christmas, if anyone has one orany ideas where to get one from i would be greatfull thanks sean

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if yiu srill have this i-cybie i have an extra remote, i know its been a while but i figured if you still needed one i'd offer.