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Ideas for a robot Other WowWee Robots

Hey chris,your signature is from a sci-fic movie right?That alien says it.Or its from goosebumps.regards:it consulting and staffing...

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Cute robot dog from Tiger Electronics. General WowWee Discussion

thank you for the information. It looks beautiful.

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Inside Rovio Rovio

I am new to this and I have a Rovio but since my computer that had xp died I haven’t been able to use my Rovio can  someone help me or direct me to a software that i can use with windows 10. Or...

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Inside Rovio Rovio

This is a very interesting article. I am glad that you have posted very good post.I want to look at here next event. It is one of the information I have long been looking for, I am so happy after...

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Chip Smartband General WowWee Discussion

Could you tell me where I can order the new smartband? I had tried to find many online shops but they tell me that it out of stock.

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i-cybie bits wanted Robot Buyers & Sellers

if yiu srill have this i-cybie i have an extra remote, i know its been a while but i figured if you still needed one i'd offer.

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Chip Smartband General WowWee Discussion

I had the same problem. Ordered a new band (on Xmas day) and I *finally* got it today (Canada).

New band works fine. I haven't tried to return the first one yet.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 - 20:15 View Comment
What's the best motor controller for tiny robot General WowWee Discussion per my knowledge you really should get an amp meter and check the motors under load, or research rhe drills to find out what they draw. A good thing to remember is that a controller that...

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Looking to Buy a Rovio Robot Buyers & Sellers

Hi I Have Been Having Some Issues With My Rovio Where It Will Sometimes Drive Off It's Charging Station on It's Own. It Hasn't Done That Lately After I Changed Some of the Port Settings. I Would...

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. RS Media

I don't know, what should i do with RS Media. It hasn't showing nothing on small screen. It's white. I get it as new toy, with box, remote control, without any marks or scratches on plastic. In...

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