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MiP Robot Other WowWee Robots

Hi, I have a MiP and I am currently using 4 x AAA 1.5 V Alkaline batteries. This provides 6 V to the MiP. I am thinking of buying a MiP Recharge Kit(...

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mr personality software discovery Robot Firmware & Software

flyingmcintosh...I am about a week behind you.  I purchased Mr Presonality off ebay.  from the pictures it appears to load and operate but you never know until you get it. Was yours operable?I...

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Robosapien X vs Robosapien Blue (differences?) Robosapien X

X is driven by Infrared.  There is a dongle that plugs into the earphone to drive the IR or you can use the remote.BLUE is driven by the bluetooth transmitter in your iphone or android telephone...

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mr personality software discovery Robot Firmware & Software

great find! 

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Need I-Cybie battery diagram. Robot Hacks and Mods

i am intersted in your i-cybie connectors if they are still avalable, my email is 

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Maxx Steele Robot Value Robot Buyers & Sellers

I am selling a Maxx Steele Robot.  Here is a link to a page with a description and a few pictures.  Please send me a message if you have any questions about the robot.  Thank you. ...

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Squawkers McCaw Parrot General WowWee Discussion

I have purshased a software program to read, playback , and store IR codes (<$20), ANALYSIR. If I had a Squawker McCaw remote, I could record  these IR codes and post them. Recently  I just...

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Robosapien rs media lcd screen gone and no sound RS Media

You posted an updated message in another thread, but I will answer in this one (as this thread is more appropriate)...Your updated message was 

hello helibot can you...
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rs media 2.4 problem RS Media

Thanks Peter. Works great! Jackie

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Anyone have a broken rovio they'd be willing to part with? Rovio

Hi ... did you found any? I'm looking for a wheel mechanism if you have any to spare, Thanks. 

Monday, February 8, 2016 - 04:31 View Comment