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Wowwee Beastland Dragons? Robot Buyers & Sellers

I have a good working Elvis Alive, have lost  the  "REMOTE" does any one have one for salecan any one tell me i can buy one.    240-...

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OMNIBOT 2000 Robot Buyers & Sellers

Hi man,do u still have the Omnibot 2000?i am interested in---Thanks in advance Abraham 

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Omnibot 2000 Robot Buyers & Sellers

i am a omnibot 2000 you still got it? any pics? thanks a lot

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Omnibot 2000 value? Robot Buyers & Sellers

Omnibot 2000 for sale. Includes new battery, charge, & cassettes. All parts included. Tray, manual, original box etc.

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Omnibot 2000 value? Robot Buyers & Sellers

For sale

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Omnibot 2000 value? Robot Buyers & Sellers

Omnibot 2000 for sale

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What's the best motor controller for tiny robot General WowWee Discussion

Thank u for a ur great idea.

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Robodance 5 - Features List Announcement Robodance

Robodance's user interface has been redesigned.  The individual overlapping module screens are gone and have been replaced with a convenient new Tabbed design, just like your web browser. 

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Rumble Robot Cards Robot Hacks and Mods
  • Rumble Robots is a collectible card game that combines card play with battling electronic robot counterparts
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Introductory Guide to Customizing WowWee's Mr. Personality Robot

I've looked everywhere, but I can't find android78's personality editor! Is this a thing of the past, or have I not searched enough? Could anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks! 

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