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Please help!!! RS Media Boots halfway and RSV2 voice trailing off RS Media

Hi guys.First of all,sorry for my English,I'm italian.I've bought an RS media Robot 4 years ago,on ebay,and today I've used for the first time.I had a lot of problems.The robort starts and shut...

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Looking to Buy a Rovio Robot Buyers & Sellers

Just want to verify if you are still looking for a Rovio?  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mechanical Engineer at PetstreetmallWe are your...

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SmartBand not charging General WowWee Discussion

I am in same situation. And looks like Smyths where it was bought from don't stock any more. So going to be stuck with a voucher with high amount on and no dog

Wednesday, December 27, 2017 - 07:08 View Comment
SmartBand not charging General WowWee Discussion

It has a 130mAh 3.7v rechareable battery in it. I am not sure I want to try and replace it myself especially importing a third party lithium from china for safety sake, so really hoping support...

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SmartBand not charging General WowWee Discussion

I went to and submitted a support ticketif you do the same, pick ‘other’ as the support type as...

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I think I accidently ordered fingerlings from a phishing site, IPLFOUNDATION.COM showed up in my bank account General WowWee Discussion

you can call the IPL*FOUNDATION.COM and tell them you made a mistake. They will ask you for your personal details and I'm positive that they will something to return your money. ;)

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Robosapien Blue General WowWee Discussion

You need to return it back asap. You still have a warranty I supposed.

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Review of WowWee Paper Jamz General WowWee Discussion

Hi I have bought a paper jamz pro series guitar for my son second hand. I am trying to get the compatible songs list on in the app but it dosnt seem to be working. Is it that the paper jamz have...

Wednesday, December 20, 2017 - 15:06 View Comment
Decoded/Decompiled Wowwee Robot Commands Robot Hacks and Mods

I had some errors compiling mine too, likely due to my Android sutdio being out of date. Also does anyone know if there is a Bluetooth code to get a chip out of DFU mode? I have tried updating the...

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My ROVIO is a brick!! is there a 'HARD RESET' ? Rovio

Hi, is anyone still working with rovio ? I have mine and have a few questions  John

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