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rovio software Rovio

I'm Not Sure If That Will Work, Because If Rovio Is Refuseing to Connect at All Then I Don't See the Point In Trying to Update the Firmware. How do You Update the Firmware I Tried It and so Far no...

Tuesday, September 26, 2017 - 23:53 View Comment
rovio software Rovio

You could try to renew the firmware with a custome one see if that works. James

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rovio software Rovio

Hi Modxred, It can you fined the firware reinstaller that is mation in this chain of post you might be able to revive your rovio. Hope this helps. James ...

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rovio software Rovio

Hi Modxred i have just recently got my rovio so i dont know much. Im sorry but it sounds like you have formatted your rovio. I had the problem where it wanted to format my rovio but i realised i...

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Cute robot dog from Tiger Electronics. General WowWee Discussion

My kids are really fond of the Zoomer Interactive Puppy and regard it to be one of the best robot dog among...

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rovio software Rovio

James2, the power light just glows a dim red. that's it. it functioned fine just before i had it connected to an old windows 7 64 bit computer running windows vista virtual machine i managed to...

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 - 08:36 View Comment
How to use rs media if you can’t see the screen? RS Media

Hey, When you go through the different modes using the rc, the rs media actually says what mode he is in, it's just a case for you to get used to the controller :)

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rovio software Rovio

 Hi donkelley,

I have jsut managed to get my a rovio and are getting it up and running...

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rovio software Rovio

Hi Modxred, Does the power light ever change colour or is it always glow the dim red? James

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rovio software Rovio

Hey donkelley, If You Are a Software Engineer and Robotist, Can You Help Me with a Problem...

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