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Maxx Steele Robot Value Robot Buyers & Sellers

I am selling a Maxx Steele Robot.  Here is a link to a page with a description and a few pictures.  Please send me a message if you have any questions about the robot.  Thank you. ...

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Squawkers McCaw Parrot General WowWee Discussion

I have purshased a software program to read, playback , and store IR codes (<$20), ANALYSIR. If I had a Squawker McCaw remote, I could record  these IR codes and post them. Recently  I just...

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Robosapien rs media lcd screen gone and no sound RS Media

You posted an updated message in another thread, but I will answer in this one (as this thread is more appropriate)...Your updated message was 

hello helibot can you...
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rs media 2.4 problem RS Media

Thanks Peter. Works great! Jackie

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Anyone have a broken rovio they'd be willing to part with? Rovio

Hi ... did you found any? I'm looking for a wheel mechanism if you have any to spare, Thanks. 

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Rovio major piece of junk Rovio

Hello, anyone has a wheel mechanism for sale? Thanks. 

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Rovio New Spare Parts for Sale Rovio

Hello, anyone has a wheel mechanism for sale? Thanks. 

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hello helibot can you please help me?please read your messages or help me here my robosapien rs media wont boot up its a v1 it stays stuck at the wowwee splash i reinstalled the software of v1 and...

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which is better robosapien x or robosapien V2 General WowWee Discussion

robosapien v2 or rs media they both track red blue and green has a ball and bowling pins can dance and be programmed look up on youtube robosapien v2 or rs media v2 and rs media all the way.

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rs media 2.4 problem RS Media

By the way, here is a link to the download of the Media Suite. Cheers! Peterhttp://rs-media...

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