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Exploding batteries, frayed wires, disgruntled motivater Robosapien V1 & V2

Does anyone know how I can upload some images. Mine suffered the same problem opened him up earlier and BAM BAD WIIREING. It has badly corroded. PEOPLE BEWARE THIS IS IN THE SILVER VERSION BOTH OF...

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Exploding batteries, frayed wires, disgruntled motivater Robosapien V1 & V2

WOw this is incredible the way they have treated you m8. I live in the Uk I have one white one which nearly went on fire I opened him up only to find the same problem as you frayed wires. The...

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Robosapien rs media lcd screen gone and no sound RS Media

The RS Media is another item in WowWee's line of biomorphic robots, in view of a mobile framework planned by the astonishing master! all things considered, I generally inquisitive to think about...

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Rovio Commander II Donate Version 1.99 Rovio

Try Here for the new version. 

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Mac Setup Tool, USB Firmware Updater, and More For Rovio Robot Firmware & Software

Peter, I just aquired a new Roivo and am trying to talk to it.   Do you happen to have all these above files?  I am wanting to re-release the Rovio Commander for free but need to test with a good...

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Getting an old rovio up and running need help Rovio

Same here,Looking forward to jumpstart this thing!Where can I get the install software. My Windows is 64 bit, I hear that will not work. Where can I get the install software for Mac? or 64 bit?  ...

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mr personality software discovery Robot Firmware & Software

The unit i got from ebay is fully operable now but when i recived it wasn't because of a bad pakaging (the robot was upside down with almost nothing under. the torso mecanisim was out of...

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MiP Robot Other WowWee Robots

Hi, I have a MiP and I am currently using 4 x AAA 1.5 V Alkaline batteries. This provides 6 V to the MiP. I am thinking of buying a MiP Recharge Kit(...

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mr personality software discovery Robot Firmware & Software

flyingmcintosh...I am about a week behind you.  I purchased Mr Presonality off ebay.  from the pictures it appears to load and operate but you never know until you get it. Was yours operable?I...

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Robosapien X vs Robosapien Blue (differences?) Robosapien X

X is driven by Infrared.  There is a dongle that plugs into the earphone to drive the IR or you can use the remote.BLUE is driven by the bluetooth transmitter in your iphone or android telephone...

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