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rs media 2.4 problem RS Media

The newest version, 2.3, should work with Windows 10. Jackie

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The Robo Community member Gerber  also has an archive with more personalities than mine!!!!See https...

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Need help fixing a broken RSMedia RS Media

Hello Surzh,
I suspect that his kernel firmware is corrupted. There is a way to fix it but its quite involved. You need to 'boot strap' the RSMedia to boot a downloaed kernel, then reinstall...

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Hi Bilybones,

   I have archived a collection of personalities to

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rs media 2.4 problem RS Media

What about Windows 10?Peter

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RS Media Screen issue. RS Media

Hi these cables are easy to get on ebay. On the cable that is broke or damaged are some letters example: shs flex cable, typ that in on ebay and you robot is fixed buy the long cable its 3$...

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Rovio rotate set number of degrees problem Rovio

I have had the exact same issue and it all started right after I updated my Rovio to the latest firmware update that wowwee provided.I opened a ticket years ago and got no where.I searched the web...

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WowWee Rovio Resources: Reviews, Hacks, Conversations, and More Rovio

Can anyone tell me about the internals of the docking station mast? I need to build one from scratch since I lost the old one and can't find one for sale online. Thanks

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RovioDirect 1.2 Rovio

Hi Pierre,I'm pretty sure you cannot use the rovio software on windows 8.1 and you will need a 32 bit OS.  I just built a windows xp x86 machine so that I could reload the software myself.  I...

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setup cd for rovio Rovio

Hello Implott,Drop me a private message.

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