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RS V1: Bad motor controller chip? Robosapien V1 & V2

Well, here we are 2 years further on....and I've finally tracked down a replacement motor driver chip and have fixed the RSV1..If you're still wanting to fix that dusty RSV1, I have a spare...

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Lights are on, no movement Robosapien V1 & V2

I've fixed it! Well this has been a long saga, but I finally have the RSV1 fixed. It was irratating me that I couldn't get to the bottom of this, so I had a renewed effort this summer. To cut a...

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Omnibot 2000 value? Robot Buyers & Sellers

Hello, first time in these forums with a very odd scenerio. My local vintage stock somehow has a Omnibot 2000 in excellent condition for $250, from my (albiet shallow) research this is a pretty...

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got a new one Robosapien X

Has anyone opened up an 'X' yet? What motor driver chip are they using?Thanks

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Maxx Steele Robot Value Robot Buyers & Sellers

Hi Greg i have a Max steel im selling it is in used working order with mirrior and remort but not original battery . THe box may also be available but if i remember it is tatty no inserts...

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KoiTech MD6770G Motor Controller?

Hello ...

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Maxx Steele Robot Value Robot Buyers & Sellers

I can offer you 1500.00 cash for him. Please contact me at 978 701 4481. Also please have pictures you can text or email. Ask for greg

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Maxx Steele Robot Value Robot Buyers & Sellers

I can offer you upwards of 800 cash for maxx. Please call me at 978 701 4481 ask for greg.

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How To Control the WowWee Alive Elvis From An External PC (Part 2)

Hi Coldblackice   Am also working on an elvis,    a few people put ther tear downs and upgrade on here, I have gone for replacing the main board with a Pi and some electronics,  there is also a...

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Automony RS Media

Hi KennethBefore the format of this site was changed and the RS media download area was removed I had download all the personalities and other stuff from this site concerning the RS Media. You...

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