Interaction with RSV2?

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Matt Whitlock
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Interaction with RSV2?

Does the Robosapien V2 have an interaction mode with the Roboreptile, or is it only for the Robopet and Roboraptor?

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I know this is a really old post but I thought I would post back on something.

I recently received my Robosapein V2 Signature Series in the mail and tested its interaction with both my Roboreptile and my friend's V2 SS.  It turns out that the interaction between two V2's is very limited to a simple animation along with a saying, that is about it.

I found that the V2 can interact with the Roboreptile.  Line the two of them up and press Shift1+Shift2+Shift3+b on the V2's remote.  It will enter the same program as it if were interacting with a Roboraptor.  The V2 will say all of the same things, the only problem is that the Roboreptile won't do anything until the very end.  At the very end, the V2 will say run for your lives (or something similar) and the Roboreptile will start charging it.  I believe this is due to the V2 sending the simple command of foreward to the Roboreptile.

It is not the same level of "interaction" as with the Roboraptor but it still works.  I will take a video of it later today and I will try to post it on YouTube (along with a video of me flying my Flytech Dragonfly outdoors).

Ron Repking
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Interesting.  Will have to try that out myself.  Thanks for the input!

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well i can kinda relate to what this is not is saying because at the end of the interaction for roboraptor V2 will say this ones to big for me to handle and roboraptor will start charging but i also agree with ron repking  that roboreptile came out after V2 but it will recanize rs media and probaly do somthing diffrent

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Ya it works! I tried it with my reptile and v2. i'm not sure yet though, because it could be just that roboreptile saw v2 with his IR nad decided to run at him anyway.

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heres a video with rsv2 trying 2 interact with roboreptile