RS Media compared to RS V2

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RS Media compared to RS V2

I did compare the 2 manuals of the RS Media and the RS V2.

As it comes to the specification of the sensors and how the operate the 2 mauals are exactly the same. Even the way it was writed is exactly the same. The only diffrence is that is the RS V2 is tracking green he know thisis his ball. The Rs Media doesn't seem to have this.

The body movements and vision and hearing is the same. The same is the puppetmode.
The big diffrence is the programming and the use of the controler. The bottons are diffrent.

In the programming you can change the personality completly. This mean you can change the body movements and voice files. The are called macro's. So the way the RS Media will respond can be changed completly.

My conclusion is that the RS Media will have the same kind of problems as the RS V2 has. This mean walking and maybe vision and tracking problems with certain lightning. It will move the same way.

The diffrence is the Media experience and the programming with the PC to change the the behavior of the bot completly.

If it is worth the more expence, I think that that is a personal matter.
I believe that changing the atitude of the bot and so the interaction with its envoirment make it more durable to play.

I heard an intresting podcast on superstreng an interview with Mark Tilden