Pretty intuitive, even for an 8 year old

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Ron Repking
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Pretty intuitive, even for an 8 year old

RS Media passed the 8 year old test.  The LCD screen really makes a difference from the RS V2. 

I brought the RS Media home tonight and gave him to my 8 year old boy to play with.  Within the hour, he had put in the batteries and booted him up and figured out how to use all of the following functionality without taking a peek at the manual:

  • Basic movement, handshake, etc.
  • Take a picture
  • Take a video
  • Record his voice and play it back
  • Play Java games
  • Change the robots personalities

He could have gotten through more, but he spent too much time playing the Java games and recording his voice.

And we haven't even connected it to the computer or used an SD card yet!