Downloading Personalities using Software

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Downloading Personalities using Software

Hi  there, I am having problem with downloading and updating personalities using the media download. I am using Software version 1.2, latest downloaded from the website.

The problem is as follows: I have created my own personalitySmile, and downloaded it to RS Media. I then updated my macro and wanted to update the personality, This is when the wheels fell off. I was getting all sorts of I/O errors from the software and the only way I can upload the changes is if I delete the personality via the PC browsing the drive.

Anyone else having software errors???

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Not like that. Its possible you might have corrupted his drive (which
is a relatively common complaint). If you just want to update a macro,
you don't need to upload the whole personality, you can just copy the
macro files into one of the macro subfolders under a personality on the
RS Media, making sure its appropriately named. 

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How do I check if the drive is corrupted, how do I fix the problem

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If you have problems adding file, deleting files, files or
directories with odd names, or odd sizes, the drive is probably

 There is a thread about it (and about people having issue connecting over USB) here.

also written a script that can be run off the SD card to acheive the
same thing, though you still have to use WowWee's software to restore
the pre-installed personalities. I'm debating extending my script to do
it all, but that would most likely require me to violate WowWee's
copyright (ie distribute their copyrighted materials)

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I'm having similar problems to the ones mentioned, i can see all my mp3s and such, and i can restore all the personalities, i have the custom personality that i got when i registerd my RSMedia, and in all honestly tried editing it and it pretty much when backwards from there.

 I will happily admit that i'm a complete newbie to rs this is the first one i have had, and i'm trying to learn from my mistakes

I'd like to restore to factory settings, or at least erradicate (harsh word i know but it;s been bugging me) thes somewhat corrupt files.

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Does anyone know if you can upgrade the personalities on the Robosapian V2?



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Depends on why you mean by upgrade. You can modify them.

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I managed to corrupt a file on the drive yesterday trying to get a personality loaded. I followed the instructions given ( although a couple of error messages did pop up) Eventually the drive was formatted and I restored using the software. Works without fault now, but I am still struggling trying to edit macros and personalities.