Ive always wanted a Dino or a Robot for a pet.

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Ive always wanted a Dino or a Robot for a pet.

Ive always wanted a dinosaur for a pet, but then again i also wanted a Robot, guess this works for both..


though i am enjoyng my new found toy/pet.. I was wondering why kind of modifications could be done, maybe in the AI area that i could possibly upgrade making him more intelligent.

 I guess im over simplifying it. to create autonomous robot that im thinking of, he would need more then just sound and IR sensors. but be able to understand what i would say would be cool, maybe have a motion sensor. or a kind of spectrograph for a sense of smell..


heres hoping for RoboRaptor 2.0. :D 

Khalid J Hosein
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I like the idea of a smell sensor. However, I hate to be a party-pooper, but olfaction is a pretty complex function that animals have. From the Wikipedia article:

  • "Humans have 347 functional odor receptor genes."
  • "the nose can distinguish among hundreds of substances"

I can't imagine getting even a partially functioning 'nose' into one of these bots without the price going through the roof!

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You can pick up anthrax detectors reasonably cheap these days. Maybe you could limit him to that? It'd certainly make him handy. Just imagine it - "Roboraptor saves the day at local post office."

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lol i have one and its sweet

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1 new roboraptor + 1 unsuspecting cat = record vertical lift off by said cat that was worth the money      cat my not agree