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Hi, I have just bought an RS Media - the camera has a real bad green 'tinge' to it, even when recording video, and has trouble tracking - is this normal?



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To add more detail to above, (after a nights sleep and thinking)

When you place a Green, Blue, or even a Red object in front of RS Media, the reply is always 'Tracking Green'

Ive played round with the light settings, and that doesnt do anything of use,

It cant be the LCD screen, because when you view uploaded photos from the PC on RS Media it is displayed fine.

Yet when you take photos or with the camera everything is in green scale, like for example if you put on green glases.

If anyone has any ideas or anything, please help, otherwise this little robot is going back to the store for replacement.


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Hi Thomas,

I am sorry I don't have a solution but I too am having immense problems with the camera. Ours you can't see anything it is complete fuzz, pixelated, and green and blue.. almost as though the camera is broken? anything else displayed on the lcd screen is absolutely fine. We have tried numerous things, changing the hz.. and also moving him to another room with more light, trying to change the white balance. but none of it is working. Is it an update thing anyone? Or is it a broken camera .. help we want to play!

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Hey there Liesauk,

Your falut sounds exactly what my RS Media was doing

Today I took my RS Media back to the shop, along with a CD I made with the photos my robot has been taking,

They replaced it, and now my new one is working fine,

My advice is take it back sooner rather than later and show them what is happening, problay note its been doing that since the day you opened it, as in my case.

Enjoy, its a cool toy, and keep the young ones entertained :)