Solution for "PC Connecting" and "Video Convert"

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Solution for "PC Connecting" and "Video Convert"

There seems to be two issues to address, SD card not found in Media
Organizer, and the Video file import

SD card not found
1. Download and install the latest version of RS Media Editing Suite
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2. Make sure the write lock is off on the SD Card, make sure it is writeable

3. When inserting the SD card, make sure RS Media is powered OFF, and then
insert the SD card, same is required when you eject the SD card.

4. If still does not work, Might need to format the SD Card, for this,

- Connect RS Media with a USB cable to your PC (Make sure the SD card is
inserted into RS Media)

- Enable USB Mode

- Go to "My Computer" and locate the RS Media device drive >> Right-click
the drive >> Format...

- Select "Fat32" as the File system and click "Start"

- Power OFF and then Power ON your RS Media.

Now try to see if you can access it in Media Organizer, If it still does not
work, please get him to send a screenshot of the file structure in the SD


Video file import
1. Download a video converter

2. Set properties as according:

- Video size: 160x120 / 320x240 (this allows the movie to be scaled down to
the LCD screen

- Frame rate: adjust this to near 15 fps

3. Convert the file to an DivX Movie (*.AVI)

Hope that helps,