Rs Media With Lego Mindstorms

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Rs Media With Lego Mindstorms

Hey There !

For Christmas My Brother Got Lego Mindstorms And Robosapian Media Rs And I Was Wondering How U Remove The Backpack To Fit The Lego Mindstorm Command Unit Into The Back OF The Media Rs

Please Reply Asap !!

Thank You


Khalid J Hosein
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ScubaSteve - Lego and WowWee have not teamed up to make merging Mindstorms and RS Media something that you can just *do*. Anything that you do will be at your own risk! Oh yes, that backplate on the RSM doesn't come off just like that. May take some power tools. I'd say get to know your RSM pretty well first, before you take a drill or something to him, just in case he never talks/walks again. Foot in mouth