Real Time Editing?

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Real Time Editing?

Hi to everyone!

I was lucky enough to get a new RS Media for Christmas from my wife and think the the whole thing is just great!!

Anyway, I have only just started to play around with it and have been looking at the software to edit RS's movements. I was sure that I had seen a video clip of the software running, Moving the RS in real time, as well as on the screen _ is this possible or did I dream it?!! Sad to think I dreamt about a new toy at 34 years old, but hey, what a toy!

Thanks to everyone who reads and/or answers this post.

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I'm pretty certain you dreampt it. I could be wrong though, I've never
tried editing a bodycon while the RS Media was connected, but I'm
pretty certain it won't make a difference.

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Thanks Nocturnal.  I had written it off as a dream also now, but I found an original RS Media Ad on YouTube that clearly shows the RS working within the software suite, moving in time with the BodyCon editor.  Take a look:


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oh i have seen that vid a few times and never picked up on that Morphius but i dont think you can do it....i see on that vid the USB lead is in the bot as it moves......i dont think this is real time well i dont think the bots in USB mode anyway?