Please help me out by posting a step by step personality changing method.

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Please help me out by posting a step by step personality changing method.

After a couple of days playing around with the RS, I have found it almost impossible to edit the personalities. 

I have downloaded the "celeb bot " and used that as the basis for any changes. The main change I wanted to make was create a dance routine to Kraftwerk The Robots (yeah predictable I know). 

I created the macro using the full 99 frames and saved in CONANIM11 folder. I have four files in there 

1. Bodycon11 SH file

2. Kraftwerk BCN file

3 Kraftwerk_Songs SH file 

4. Full 9mb MP3 of the song

The CONANIM11 seems to be the macro used for the dance routine, so my thoughts were that this would work through that command.

Uploaded through the software, but it doesn't work.  

 It appears that you cant access via the remote any higher than 10 bodycons stored so 11 and 12 seem redundant other than the dance routine for 11. 

I am at a lost with this. This is likely to be a common problem for new users so can anyone help with starting a sticky thread on this issue? 




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I have managed to change a few voices so for other peoples info this is how I did it.

1. Connect RSM to PC via usb lead and fire up RS Media software.

2. Go to media organiser and upload personality from RSM to a location on your PC. Create a copy of the folder which will be called personalities for back up.

3. If you explore the folder you will see all the other folders for the personality. You will see a folder called sounds. In sounds are all the mp3 files that are used for speech by this personality.

4. The mp3 file named PERSINTRO is the file used when the spacebot introduces himself when selected in control mode. I used this one as an easy one to know works when changed. All the other files can be easily worked out as and when they are used by the RSM.

5. I used All Sound Recorder available on trial at I wanted to record my own speech and this programme saves as MP3 as default. After creating a file i named it PERSINTRO replacing the one in sounds folder.

6 You then download the now edited personality back to the RSM and bingo it should work.

I hope this helps people to get started a little quicker than I did.

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Of course, you could have just done that using the personaly editor in the software.

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I have found in the personality editor that the sound files for the Butler in media mode are all jumbled up. I unhitched the sound for "number one" browsed and found the right file and locked it in.I then clicked on "number one" and got the correct sound.When I switched to another screen I was asked to save the change which I did.I then closed down and restarted, went to Butler,media mode, clicked the "number one" entry and got the same rubbish as before.If I can solve this problem the I can rearange the Butler and then crate a new personality.But how do I save this siimple change?