AC Adaptor for £12.99

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AC Adaptor for £12.99

Went to Maplins today and picked up a PSU for the RSM. Its got UK-US Euro and Aussie plug adaptors and runs at the correct Amps for the RSM.

Here is the link

The Maplins order code is L48BQ type this into the search box

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the Maplin website says that the 7.5v output for this adapter is 3600MA but the RS manual says it wants 3100MA at 7.5v - is it OK to use or will this diference damage it?

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Hi robsmith, according to the chap at Maplins it will be fine. I took the user manual with me and he advised me from that. I have been using it without any problems, but maybe someone on here with a little more knowledge could explain in more depth what the .4 amps difference would effect if anything.



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I Was at maplins today but they had sold out of that adaptor :(. Only one they had that would do was a 5000ma one that cost £30 odd but thats too expensive i think. The £12.99 one will be fine, all the 3600ma means is it can take a load of upto 3600ma.

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if you get a multi adapter you can set it can get them from pc world currys comet and argos do them. cost is around £10-£15.