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terry 31
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could someone please tell me the best type of rechargeable to use in the rs media as the ones i purchest does not work thanks in advance.

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Any rechargable battery should work as long as it is charged first ;-)

For UK owners a good solution is Maplin as a pack of two D size 2800mAH Ni-MH (NO8BW)is on offer for GBP 3.99 so a set of 6 costs less than GBP 12.

To charge them get a 6xD holder L79AA (GBP 1.29), a PP3 clip NE19V (GBP 0.39) and a 7.2V 3H charger QJ37S (GBP 8.27). Cut the Tamya connector off the charger and connect it to the PP3 clip, attach to the 6xD holder and you have a custom charge solution for less than GBP 10!

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I've added some notes about bateries under the "Where can I get an AC adaptor?" thread that may help.