shut down issues

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shut down issues


im new to this so if any one can help that would be great,got a rs media and when you put alkaline batteries in it you get a popping noise from the subwoofer,but if you put rechargeable batteries in it the noise stops and he functions for a little longer,but in demo mode he trips out every time and mainly in the forward bent over position.

and with the new alkaline batteries in as soon as it goes to move it trips out.can any one help.or tell me where i can get it fixed?

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The alkaline batteries you are using are they new out of the box?

On start up the noise from the sub is on all RS Media's (well so i have been lead to believe and it's his heart beat?)

As for the rechargeable batteries i think some people get problems with the type they use if you do a forum search for rechargeable batteries it should help you with the best type to use OR im sure someone will post here the best type to use that they have had no problems with :)

When he trips out does he just stop? or does he say anything before like (going to sleep)

How old is you RS (Has this happend ever since you got it?)


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hi hunter,

yes mate the alkaline batteries are brand new .just got the rs for x mas but they have lost receipt typical!

when he trips out he stops, everything goes out and he reboots again but never properly so you have to turn it off and on again.but some times he even trips when doing its introduction.

some time it works fine for 5 mins or so then just trips out and resets its self again.and it trips in every demo mode after about 20 secs.very anoying.

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Hi Arnie

I'm also having major Battery problems, have tried 3 types NiHM, NICd & Alkaline with various results - all bad! Some were too light and the most battery life I've managed is 2 hours with NiCd's. The Alkalines lasted 10 mins ($21 worth of Batteries). Mine doesn't trip out though, just seems to go flat real quick, warns me first then lights out.

Do you have a mains supply by any chance? Mine works fine on mains but you can only use him waste up (no walking etc). You could see if it still trips out on mains as it bypass's batteries. I'm waiting on the supplier to get back to me at the moment re a replacement. Good Luck with yours, sounds like it may be faulty as well.