Celeb personality.

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Celeb personality.

Hi, I am struggling to load the celebrity personality onto my RS Media. I followed the instructions below:

Installations instructions for CelebrityBot personality:
1) Download the zip file DONE.
2) Unzip the file to a location on your PC. DONE.
3) Start the RS-media software open the media organizer. DONE.
4) Click on the Add to Library button go to the location were you unzipped the file to and select the CelebrityBot.per file. DONE
5) Then connect your robot and upload the CelebrityBot.per. DONE.

There is a celebritybot.per file on my robot but it is only about 9kb. When I select the personality section the personality is there but it calls itself and behaves like the default RS Media.

This may be obvious but I am struggling! Please help.

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By the way, I have now copied the celeb file directly onto my RS media basically not using the editing suite. I have the entire file I need on the RS Media but it is saying I have an invalid celeb personality. I am beginning to think I downloaded an old link?

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You may have to format the robot drive and start all over again. Since I have been mucking around with personalities I have had to do it several times to get things back working correctly.


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You will only have to format the user filesystem if it is corrupted If it is youll notice oddly named files with weird creation dates etc.

 To make the celebrity personality work I had to open the .per file in the personality editor and re link all the audio files to the events. they have the correct names so its not too hard.

 It wasnt really worth it though as its a rather poor personaility.

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Thanks for the advice. I appear to have used an old link. It is now working.  I agree the personality isn't great!

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hi where did you find the CelebrityBot personality? please?

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When copying personalities to the drive manually, you have to update the personality index file to include the new personality, you also need to make sure the paths in the .per file all point to /mnt/sd/path/to/files

You should be able to get the celeb personality here