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hari seldon
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rsmedia software

I have just got a RSmedia bot and am having a problem with the software in that it will not display the animation window when you select bodycon editor is this a software fault or an installation fault.

I also have a problem when using the controller to walk the bot it does not always move forward but just twists its right wrist slightly then waits before moving forward no problem going backwards is it just checking area before moving as no movment at all if close to visable object

hari seldon
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have just downloaded the latest software version from wowwee it does the same,
shows error createdevice()failed then initd3d() failed does anybody know how to fix this.
also clear program from memory using controller control mode left shift z button robot replies this action not possible print error or what?
please help or have I got a duff one.
all my other saps work well and first time

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I dont know about your other problem, but your problem with WowWee's
software sounds very much like a problem with DirectX, check you have
to latest version installed (there is also a direcx diagnostic program
you could try, but I cant remember the name off the top of my head).

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Hi All:


The diagnostic app that Nocturnal mentioned for checking your DirectX installation and hardware capabilities is DXDIAG --- you can go to the START button, then choose RUN, and type: dxdiag   into the little text entry box marked Open, then click OK. The directx diagnostic utility will start up, scan your hardware and software and then by using the various tabs and options you can see what is and isn't working or up to snuff.