LCD Screen viewing angle

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LCD Screen viewing angle

When working with RS Media at eye level on my desk plugged into power I have noticed the LCD screen quality/viewing angle is very poor. Any pictures look very whited out and photos of people look terrible. For example; the wowee white personality icons almost blend into the dark backgrounds. You have to be looking down from above for the pictures to look OK - has anyone else noticed this? Is it designed this way or is my robot faulty?

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The screen looks it's best if my eye level is slightly higher than level with the screen, if i look at the screen level i can still see the pics ok but they look slightly whited out.

But i do have to change the White Balance to get the best out of the camera depending on the light conditions at the time.

I have looked in the manual to see if you can change the contrast and brightness of the LCD screen but i don't think you can do it (correct me if im wrong).