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Bender Personality

Preview of Bender Personality for RS Media - Click here to see RS Media Suite Preview


Ive updated the root directory, to be easier for extracting and
uploading into the RS Media Perosnality, simply extract the RAR file
into any folder and copy those files it extracts to C:\program
files\WowWee\RS Media Suite\Personalities\ it pretty much explains
itself in the read me

is the latest version with 7 bodycon actions, aswell as a macro to help
find my kokanee beer ;-) or any pepsi can, ofcourse with right lighting
conditions and placement of the can, "bender" can find it

post videos in the next few days, here's a little readme, about Bender,
as he might not be suitable for younger children..... Bender is one
highclass Girder, a bending Robot, built from the MOM corporation. Fry
is his best friend, and nothing beats, Sex, Beer and Poker!!, Bender
may have some obscene phrases he may say, but nothing that exceeds TV
standards such as Simpsons....

"let's go kill some robot's"

Download Here: (3.3MB)

 Picture Preview Here:

you will need winrar, to extrar *.rar documents, that can be downloaded for free at


More updates will be soon, I will keep you all posted, Video Comming in the next few days


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COOL!!!! lets go kill all humans!!!

i've got the download and will try it out Laughing  so go bite my shiny metal ass!





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LOL , im still looking for that episode where he says that, if you know the exact one let me know, i have been cutting videos from they have all seasons pre recorded and can be viewed for free,


I also will be posting a video on it, in about 10 minutes, it just has to finish going to the youtube services,


VIDEO HERE ==> (if it does not load, it is because it hasnt finished srtting up the video on you tube yet)


another video here: which has a few extra segments of bender personality ;-)



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another funny video here, this is latest version 1.2 of Bender Sapien with 50 + Sounds 10 Bodycons, 2 Dance Routines, and 4 macro's



You Tube Video can be found here ===>

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Hey thanks for the link to that site  ( ) and all for FREE

There is also 388 episodes of the Simpsons, cool

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yes! that site is a definate book mark! if any of you havnt done so, do it now!!! trust me!!



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Hey Knitsu, just tried your link to download bender but its expired.? Any chance of a fresh link please.?


Christine BG
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i want this personality but its expired can you give the personality to me some other way

jordan heyd
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can you pleas help me with getting this personality cause if you have not noticed it does not have a page its expired so can you give it to my some how through my email cause adult swim personalities are the best of all how much more have you gottin done on it since 2007. i would be very happy if you gave me it hoping for a reply but thanks for helping iv been waiting so long to get this personality and still never got it and would like to get it some time this year but again thank you for trying to help.