Does Raptor need a wheelchair ?

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Does Raptor need a wheelchair ?

I just scored a dead roboraptor from ebay for real cheap (7bucks). there was a cold solderjoint from the battery box in his Belly.  I didn't get the remote with it, so I havent put it through all it's paces yet.

  Is there a problem, or are these  beasties just miserable walkers? He really just rocks and shuffles along. and when he backs up to turn away from an obstacle, the poor beastie looks more like He's about to wet his pants than walk. after seeing how my Roboreptile " Boot " moves, I think this old boy might still have more problems..

Any ideas? 

Khalid J Hosein
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One thing to keep in mind is that the Roboreptile is definitely more agile and faster than the Roboraptor. Take a look at the video in this article to get an idea of how Roboraptor moves.