Looking for Beta Testers for the next version of the RS Media Suite

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Khalid J Hosein
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Looking for Beta Testers for the next version of the RS Media Suite

RoboCommunity is helping WowWee to find 10 to 20 enthusiasts to help them beta test the next release of the RS Media software suite. These testers should be detailed-oriented, have a fair knowledge of how the RS Media works, and be willing to document their findings and suggestions. Of course, having an RS Media is a plus, but is not absolutely necessary.

If you're interested, please send us an e-mail describing why you would make a great candidate, and include your RoboCommunity username. Please tell us:

  • Some of your background
  • What WowWee robots you already have
  • If you ever beta-tested any other products
  • Whether or not you already own an RS Media
  • Anything else that you feel is relevant

Naturally, WowWee reserves the final judgement on who gets picked.

Please keep your eyes peeled to this forum thread to get updates on this program.

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Hmm.... Sounds interesting... I'll have to apply.

Khalid J Hosein
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One of the obvious questions that has come up is 'umm.. how can I test the software if I don't have an RS Media?'

Yes, not having an RS Media to test with won't get you thorough results, but at a minimum, since the Software Suite is just software, anyone can download it and perform quite a few things without having an RS Media to hook up to it. For example, you can go into the Personality Editor and play around with that for hours before you try pushing your modified personality to the bot.

I have brought up this issue w/ WowWee and they are considering loaning RS Medias to users who qualify for this beta testing program. We will keep the applicants informed as to what the decision is. I don't want to get anyone's hopes up too high that there is a high probability of this happening - I don't really know; it's just a possibility at this point. 

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i have applied... i have an rs media but windows does not recognise the device... hopefully the new software will......



Khalid J Hosein
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Just an update to everyone that has written in and applied. Please know that we've received your applications, but we won't be necessarily responding to each and every one individually.


Khalid J Hosein
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Update 2/16/2007

Here is another update to provide some incentive for those of you who have held off on applying to the program:

WowWee will be happy to provide Flytech Dragonflys as an incentive to all Beta Testers upon successful completion of the testing Phase and some specific testing tasks.  Beta Testers who provide useful, consistent and valid feedback will become candidates for future Testing Programs.

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Excellent news....

BTW my RS is now working through my pc... hooray!

Khalid J Hosein
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Update 2/24/2007: Thanks to everyone who applied. We now have our core of beta testers for this stage of the testing. Stay tuned as there may be future programs.

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Count me in with whatever program you have going on ^_^
Im definitely interested in whatever wowwee robotics has to offer~

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A new Beta is now availible on the WoWee Support Page for public download:





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