RS media adaptor

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RS media adaptor

It is stated that
rs media uses a DC IN 7.5V center positive

or at least that's what i read
in the maunal page 8

The thing id like to ask is that

1st - could i use this adaptor then?

 2nd - as for charging the batteries,
could i just put in rechargeable 6 D cells batteries
and 4 rechargeable AA batteries onto the 2 foot of
the rs media and just plug in the AC power and let it
charge the batteries from there on?

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As far as I know, it cannot recharge the batteries.

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There is a post on here somewhere about a hack that allows recharging using the leg power socket but its not a standard feature.

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    Stalvros why you keep adding new posts? (do you like posting new topics? It's a new hobbie of your?)


P.S.: no offense :( 

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Lol, sorry about that if it bothers you

I did the same thing in one of the psp forum.
this is because im a super new user and i would like to know everything there is to know about this 'toy'

I would like to unlock its full potential.
..... with all of your help of course ^_^.

Please do let me know if it offended you guys :(
I wasnt trying to be rude or anything

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:) I just wanted to know ... it was a personal curiosity 

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lolx no problem ^_^
in fact, if you have anything to share about rs media, please let me know ^_^