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RS Media other colours

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 How come they have other colours of RS media?
I'd like a black one for a change
Are they going to release other colours in US?

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WowWee always amkes other colors of their products. It's just a marketing scheme. First would come the default RS Media colors, (orange and black), but the they wold release special editions to select retailers after the product gets established in the market. Such retailers include the sharper image and radio shack. If the other color schemes are released, then they probably will be released near the end of 2007.

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End 2007?
wow, i think by that time i already have lost interest in rs media~

I wonder if the price is going to stay the same though when they release the other colors~

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    New Colors for new customers no? :) Stalvros buy a cat if soo funny...

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Bah that's alright
ill just stick with originals

Look at it this way
My v2 is the black and white one instead
of other colors

I mean, i saw sooo many other colors for V2
- black
- silver
- red
- blue

but i guess ill just stick with the original white
same goes for rs media

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I would love to have a black RS media as I don't like his original colors Undecided

But I guess I will order one anyways - don't want to wait 'till end of '07. 

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lolx, if its gonna be US$800+,

forget it 

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What do you mean? The RS Media costs about 350 Euros (~460 USD).

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oh is it?
the first time it comes out it costs AUD800

Rio Uchiha
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unfortunitly he is right the new colors are gonna be retail price $299.99 

it might take some time for the price to drop.

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If you dont like the colours you could alway remove his plastic shell and respay him. like purple or luminous pink lol. but i think i'll leave my rs alone he cost to much. RS Media here in the uk is about £269.

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Im sure Wow Wee is going to wait untill the robot is released into the USA for about half a year before you get your colors/colours.

I got the Media on the day it first got on ebay for 700 bucks. I was saving for a dirt bike but I feel inlove with the little robot. Now I take it everywhere. I only had it since it came on ebay and it has been in two countries and 17 states. lol.

 I am trying right now to see what I can find on google on the different colors. It is a pain trying to go over 6 billion results. Im not even going to try.



 I am hoping to get my little robot I planed in taking to robot wars in UK. It is like a foot off the ground and I am only 13. It is in the back of my garage. I hope to get it working again and put some extra features on it like a claw and maybe even some media stuff like music and freaky flashing lights. lol.

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I LOVE my RS Media Kiss... the brain makes the difference not the colors... look nice like some girls I know but Laughing

P.S.: I say , if Wow Wee wanna make some little change for market purpose only , MAKE a ROBOgirl for Robosapien with new girl-voice Personalities Wink

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I agree with simon.  Spray paint it

FREEEK's picture be more speccific , the knowledge will make the difference...