Return To Control Mode Immediately?

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Return To Control Mode Immediately?

I know you can cycle through the RS Media modes with the M or mode button, but I want to know if any of the commands or any combination of the commands will put the RS Media directly in Control Mode, without having to cycle through the modes; perhaps a reset function or some other trick?

I even tried putting him to sleep and waking him up, and he comes right back awake in the last mode he was in, so that doesn't work for me.

I know you can do a full reset by holding down his STOP button for more than 3 seconds, but then you have to wait through his initialization animation and I was hoping for something a lot quicker.

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*Laughs* Your not pressing stop enough. When he switches back into control mode, and starts his initialization, press stop again.

I do that same thing when I turn him on and don't want to wait for him to finish dancing around to do something.