broken antenna

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broken antenna

I dont' know if anyone has had this problem or not but the antenna on my remote is kinda bent near where it screws into the remote.  It's not really bent but the metal has changed shape (even though I didn't drop it and have handled it with care).  Now the range on my Dragonfly is about 30ft.  I can get it to fly about 50ft away but, unlike before, the remote isn't sending it the "kill" signal to stop flapping its wings.

Can I order a replacement antenna?  My friend dropped his remote a whole 2ft onto our carpet and ended up breaking it.  I am a little dissapointed as to the durability of these antennas.  I have an old RC car with a antenna about the same size that has survived my child hood years and it still running (the antenna has survived about 15 years of use despite being abused during my child hood).