Reuse your packaging!

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Reuse your packaging!

Here's a way to modify the package so you can store your remote control with the antenna still attached, and keep the dragonfly safe.

1) Cut a small hole for the antenna at the indicated spot using an Xacto or similar knife. This will change the angle that the remote rests in the plastic holder- so the antenna can be left on. 

2) Rotate the inner packaging by 180 degrees- now the remote can be slipped into place from the open side. The dragonfly has to be carefully put into position, since the wings will have to under the outer package. I found that flexing the wingtips back toward the tail while slipping the body down into position worked well.

optional- remove the plastic handle- you probably don't want to set the box up on edge anyway, unless you rig some kind of clamp to hold the remote and dragonfly into the plastic support.


Cut a hole Rotate inner package 180 degrees

Insert remote 

Insert Dragonfly


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That's awesome! Great idea, as my DragonFly is currently sitting on top of a rather large filing cabinet.


Mr.flyer (alex)
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i just rest my dragonfly ontop of my moniter (it stares at me in an evil way when i bad mouth it :( ) {i only bad mouth about it in wind beacuse the bugger flips onto its side and Boom Bam the wing snapps}