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Another helpful fix

Do you have trouble getting the charger wire out of the little storage bay? Well, I certainly do with my big fingers, and even the kids are not always able to grab it. Why didn't Wowee think of attaching a little ribbon to the end, like in some battery powered items? Well, I took care of that by tying a 4" piece of yarn onto the connector end of the charger wire- now it is a cinch to grab the yarn and tease the wire out!

Next, I'll have to get a green piece to color coordinate with the dragonfly!

Just tie a bit of yarn on! 

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Here I was just taking a mechanical pencil and digging the thing out!

-Doug /

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Me too- I used a pen, a key, and a needle-nose- and ended up losing them all! Luckily my wife knits so there is a never ending supply of yarn ends.

cheers- Scott 

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Here's a helpful hint - and it doesn't require anything!  See the little notch in the charging cord bay cover?  Instead of shoving the whole cord inside, leave the plug hanging out through the notch and shut the cover!  That way, when you open it, you can grab the plug and go!

Mr.flyer (alex)
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Ok i see people tieing this on here loads (i did it to) But now i finaly found at what your sopost to do :D there is a little hole on the lid of the wire compartment and all you have to do is dig the wire out once and close the lid so the cable goes into the hole. pushing the cable into the caompartment so the just the adapter is sticking out the hole is your best bet beacuse it dosent get in the way and you can still open the hatch and pull it out with the adaptor.


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