Controlling RS Media via PC

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Controlling RS Media via PC


I like to control/ program my RS Media via PC.

What software IDE is better: Go-Robo or Robodance or...?

And what infared device should I buy: RedRat3 or USB-UIRT?





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I don't believe the current version of RoboDance supports the RS Media yet.

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Nocturnal. Thanks, that's correct. At the current time Robodance does not support the RS Media. I am not sure if I'm going to add support for it since the RS Media suite already has scripting with more extensive features than I can provide. I am also hesitant becasue the Modes on the RS Media make it difficult to control it sensibly via infrared.

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Go-Robo supports RS Media, but the way Media is designed, with it's Modes, make it less smooth and reliable than V2 etc. You'll notice in our videos that we use V1, V2 and Roboraptor, that's the three we recommend for best programming with Go-Robo.

 As for RedRat3 and USB-UIRT, they both do the job very well. We recommend RedRat3 for schools etc, because of it's greater range and the fact that it's FCC compliant and CE marked. For domestic use that isn't so important, just get whatever is easiest for you to buy.

Go-Robo and Robodance are really doing different jobs. We like Robodance a lot. Our focus is more on the programming side of things.

Peter - Q4 Technologies CTO

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Hello Peter,

Yes, the RS Media Mode button made me groan too when I first saw it.  I would have preferred modeless commands for each possible robot function.