Rio Uchiha is NOT a WowWee Representative

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Jeff Block
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Rio Uchiha is NOT a WowWee Representative


I hate having to call people out this way, but it has to be done.  A member of the community - Rio Uchiha - has been trying to pass himself off all over the forums as a WowWee employee.  He's even made comments such as "Mark Tilden told me in a staff meeting...", etc.

I have been in contact with WowWee directly, and they assure me that this member is NOT an employee or representative of WowWee Ltd in any way.  He is making these comments intentionally to confuse and mock members of this community.  He has been warned, and if he persists in this kind of unethical behavior, will be banned from the community.  RoboCommunity values all its members, and WILL NOT allow one dishonest member to affect the rest of the community.

If you observe his continuing to misrepresent himself, please report this abuse to the community administrators.

Thank you!

Jeff Block, Editor