Dragonfly play time

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Dragonfly play time

Hi all, I have not purchased a dragonfly as yet, I see in the manual that the play time is only for about 7 minutes taking about 25 minutes to charge. Is this correct? This is a bummer as I cannot take it to a park and enjoy myself for a few hours.Cry

 Another question I have, the cord in the controller does this supply charge to the dragonfly i.e.  does the dragon fly charge from the controller batteries? if so then maybe I can take it to the park, but I must carry a spare set of controller batteries.


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As far as I know, there is no cord. The Dragonfly attaches to the remote to recharge, and Flying time is limited by the batteries in the Dragonfly, which are limited by weight.

Of course I could be wrong, since I don't own one yet. 

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Hi, I got my two DFs a week ago or so. Yes you have about 7 or 5 min flyingtime. Then, you take out the cable that comes within the transmitter and charge the DF placing it on the transmitter (magnet). Charging time at the beginning is nearly 15 min, then the average is 20, when you come to 25 (according to the manual) you should replace the batteries of your radio. Frankly, from my point of view though I would prefer more flying time I think its not bad at all flying around 7 min with a charge of only 20 min, so I would say yes you could take it you the park (if there is no wind at all, dont forget its an indoor flyer). I will post a video on the post about the pitch stability so you can see that though it doesn't really fly well straight out of the box with a some mods that people have already explained you can get it to fly pretty well, and above all it is addictiong :D. Greetings from Spain

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We've had one set of AA batteries in the controller last for maybe 20 chargings- of course best is to have 2 so one charges while you fly the other!

-cheers- Scott