V2/RS Media interaction

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V2/RS Media interaction

I have recently bought an RS media and reading through the manual i came across the interactions with other robots, but was suprised to see the it won't work with the V1. Any idea why this is as a freind of mine has the V1 and we wanted to see what they would do.

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The v1 doesn't interact with any other bots.  it was not made with that capability.  It doesn't even have vision.

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use the BodyCons button combination for your RS Media to say something to your v1 like it is v2... (look in manual @ BodyCons)

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I guess it wouldnt be hard for the V1 to do a little interaction with the Media or V2. All wow wee would have to do is stick the frequency of the V1 into the other robots and boom, you have interaction but I dont know if the V1 would have enough space in his head to have the extra items. That might be a good hack. hmmmm.....

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The RS V1 does us a different IR-"Protocol" than all other WowWee-Robots which came after him. That's why it is not possible to have any robots communicate with the RS V1.

The communication between RS V2 and RS Media is kinda cool. The RS Media can fully control the RS V2.