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Flytech rsv2

You know the rsv2 minies, right.  Well, wouldn't it be neat if the minies had wings on them and flew like the dragonflys.  You would control them the same so basicaly it is a dragonfly with the v2's body.

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that would be hillarious if it could land upright on 2 legs and like fold its wings up and walk around!

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Do you realise how difficult that would be in practice, come on guys!

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Yeah, I know it would be dificult to make.  but still, it would neat to see something like that.  It was just some random idea that came to me one day.

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I could see replacing the foam body of the dragon fly with a similarly sized and weighted foam body of a RoboSapien, but it would be just cosmetic, and likely of limited appeal to the general audience.

 I had the good fortune of seeing an RC ornithoptor made out of nylon. It was roughly the size of a standard kite, and had very distinctive flap and slap noises as it thrashed itself through the foggy morning air.

It literally beat the air into submission as it struggled to climb from its hand launch. Once it was 20 or 30 feet up, the flier dialed back the flap effort, and it lazily circled the field for several minutes.



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Too bad RS Media is not on a radio freq system instead of IR.  It would be interesting to write a program for him wherein he would control the Dragonfly, ala Robby in The Invisible Boy