RS Media for Sale at SunWear Store

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Jeff Block
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RS Media for Sale at SunWear Store

They're finally available!!!  Buy your own RS Media with the Java Robot Extension from the JavaWear store.  They're only selling the 44 leftover from JavaOne, and we get first dibs.  So, definitely check it out.

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Store closed!!!!

Where it is by sale? 

Gale Y
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The javawearstore is temporarily closed (1or 2 days) so that their merchandise can be properly updated for their store front. If you can't stand the wait, and want to place your order for the limited RS Media/SDK sooner than later, Brandvia will process the orders manually by telephone. Please call: Brandvia Customer Support 408.955.1750 FYI they sold 5 yesterday for the short time they were open! They are sure to go fast- Gale Y