WowWee May be Dead

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WowWee May be Dead

It finally time. Pleo is ready for pre-order, at 350 USD. Looking at the vids on pleoworld and ugobe's site, it looks like wowwee has to get their act together if they want to survive. Look at the videos and see if there's anything you dont like about it.



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May be DEAD?  I think that's a bit of an exaggeration. To me comparing Pleo to WowWee's robots is like comparing apples to oranges.  Their functionality, marketing, pricing and features are completely different.   Plus Pleo's hackability seems pretty limited.     Personally Wowwee robots (past, present and future) get me a lot more excited and are a little kinder to my pocket book.    Don't get me wrong - Pleo looks cool...and may have the most advanced AI in any consumer product to date.   But personally I just don’t see the lasting power of an advanced, $350 Furby.  And I'm not too impressed with only a 90 day warantee for something in this price range.  WowWee has nothing to worry about.

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I don't think the patient is dead yet doctor.

Pleo probably isn't going to be outselling WowWee this year, since they won't be available til October, and WowWee will probably have released both Elvis and RoboPanda by then. Next year WowWee will have a whole new range of products. Some of which may or may not be geared towards competing with Pleo (assuming it flies off the shelves).

Rio Uchiha
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wowwee has already won with over 10 million robots sold in total by the end of 2007.

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I really think wowwee will die with the dragonfly not pleo or any othe robot (unless it is another thing like the dragonfly because i had mine for not even 24hrs and so many tthings broke