Worn Out Screw

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Worn Out Screw

one of the screws in rs media has worn out, and this is very important because i need to get this screw out to fix my rs media because he has a fault in his arm and my rs media will not work properly until i get this screw out and fix him. does anyone have any suggestions on how i could get this screw out. thanks

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By "worn out" do you mean that the slots in the screw head have been damaged, and that a screwdriver can't get a "bite" to turn the screw?

If the head was exposed, a new slot could be cut into the head for purposes of removal. My experience is that Wowwee has recessed all their screw heads into deep holes, which would make cutting a new slot into the head impossible.

If you can't get at the head to cut a new slot, perhaps you can sacrifice a screwdriver by putting some cyanoacrilate (CA, aka superglue) on its tip and gluing it to the damaged slots of the screw head. You might have trouble getting that screw off the tip again, which is why I said you'd sacrifice it.

The only other thing I can think of is to use a grinding or drill bit to grind away the screw head and allow the plastic parts to separate. The shaft of the screw would remain in the hole. Once you have separated the plastic pieces, you might have enough of the screw shaft showing to get some pliers on it to twist it out. 

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I would go along with MrScott's idea,It's your best bet, Another slight mod from MrScott's idea would be to drill a small pilot hole in the head of the screw say 2-3mm then grind a screw driver to match just under the size of the hole so you are inserting a round shaft into the head, cyno this in place and this will give you a better bite, but be carefull NOT to get any cyno around the screw head onto the plastic other wise you will be history.