RS Media going cheap in the UK

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Demo Man
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RS Media going cheap in the UK

Don't know how long this offer will last, or how many they have, but Tesco's are selling the RS Media for a ridiculously low £49.98.  Available at

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Looks like a trend has started worldwide. Dick Smith are selling Rs for Au$197.00 .


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And I paid what? $749AUD for mine? And people wonder why I'm grumpy.

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The cheapest I can find one at the moment (retail wise) is £145 from additions direct.  I'm a bit of a scrooge though so I'm hunting around for promotional codes to get it even cheaper!

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did you try

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In the end I got it for free.... my wife bought it for me!  Well I say free she's using him to blackmail me into letting her have kittens.  I'm not sure how well they'll get on together.

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Just ordered one from this site

for £ 99.99 including next day shipping.

How come everyone else seems to be £ 199.99 and why has this site still got stock?

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Gutted.  I got mine from additions looking at the warrenty card in the box it actually did come character originally they must be a distrubuter.