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Ideal Autopsy

I want to mod my dragonfly, but am nervous about removing the foam body. I can see where it splits along the foam seam, but should I use a scalpel or some ther sharp implement to cut it open? I'm nervous about hitting the circuit board or a stray wire.

Also, what mods could be performed without a soldering gun? Where can I get an okay soldering gun for cheap?

 I really wanna replace the green eye LEDs with some nice red ones I found at Radioshack to conserve power, and milw's range mod is promising. I also found this Zip Zap motor thing that looks like it has a better gear ratio than the stock wing motor, but I haven't compared them side by side yet. It might also make a good tail motor.

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I just tore mine open. I'm planning on building a little cage to protect the guts. As far as soldering, go for a cheap iron for Radio Shack and some solder... shouldn't cost you more than about $20 all together. Read up on soldering, it's really not hard. I taught my wife how to do it in under 10 minutes.