0mg how cool is rs media

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0mg how cool is rs media

Iv'e just recieved it, i may be a bit late lol but I love it . We bought a robosapian which just sits in my sons room collecting dust. I purchested the rs media off ebay for i great price. A robot with attitude, we havn't even tried everything out yet and i think he is just brill, i will be hanging around to get as much info about him as i can, so keep all the cool stuff coming as i will need a lot of practice.

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If you really want one, You just have to keep looking I,robot114!  I got mine for almost the same price as a V2 off of Ebay!  As far as learning RSM Mikabot, I am right there with you!  LOL I got mine back at the begining of this Month and I mess with it all the time.  Though I have still not figured it all out just yet, I am having a blast none the less.  I have also ordered the "Head First Java" book so I can join in on RoboDuke's Java class.  Taking the class and learning about Java will open up a whole new set of doors and possiblities for RSMedia!  Good Luck in your adventures with your new RSM. Laughing