Alert - Serious Omission from the Flytech Dragonfly Manual

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Alert - Serious Omission from the Flytech Dragonfly Manual

I posted this as part of another thread but felt it deserved its' own thread considering how potentially dangerous this could be. ------------- The Manual for the Flytech Dragonfly does not state, anywhere, to let the battery (lipo) cool down before recharging. --------------- Unless these toys have some super special kind of Lipo that even experts I have talked too don't know about, then somebody should be warning people about this. I would hate to think that dragonfly's are going up in flames all over America and the rest of the World. ----------- I suppose it's possible that they have since added this information in their latest productions runs...however this is a warning for those of you that have Dragonfly's but were unaware that you must let Lipo batteries cool-down between flights for at least 15-20 minutes before recharging.

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i agree -- that SHOULD be in the manual

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Just opened up the dragon fly my son got being very care full not to cut the wings. Would you believe the box only had the dragon fly and remote/antenna. No where to be found was the extra parts and instruction??? Guess they solved that problem!!! I was researching the instructions and came upon this warning. Cool!!! Thanks greatly... Live long and prosper...

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I can say that I have repeatedly flown and recharged, and reflown my Dragonfly without difficulty.

I have never heard of any issues, on RoboCommunity or anyplace else, with the Dragonfly overheating.

As for a manual, it's available online.

I have also purchased replacement wings at the local RadioShack. I don't see them on their website, but you may find them hanging on the hooks at the stores.